Sunday, 7 December 2014

Simply A Post About The Violin

Hello! I recently started playing a new instrument. I am in no way a musician but I've always just wanted to have the ability of playing an instrument and I have chosen the VIOLIN.

I have been obsessed with the violin. I've watched violin covers and a million different tutorials on YouTube. I don't know where this sudden interest came from, I just want to play all day long.

The violin is a tricky instrument to get a grip on but I do promise you that progress is being made. Hopefully after a few months of practising, I might get myself around to doing a cover for you guys.

One of the best things about learning this new instrument for me is that I'm learning  it with a friend. She has been playing for years so she can give me tips as I go. She has been so supportive and encouraging and I am so thankful. 

I started playing the violin because I think that its a beautiful instrument and I LOVE how it sounds. 

When you start to learn a new song, you will not like it. but you have to practice 'till you get it right. I only know one Christmas song so far and it's the best feeling to know when to move your bow and what fingers you use for what note. It's cool. My advice to you, if you are starting a new instrument, just go for it and as long as you like the way it sounds(when other people play) then you will get there. 

If you are starting out, just like me, then check out THE ONLINE PIANO AND VIOLIN TEACHER on YouTube she has everything on her channel. She also has her performance channel and its AMAZINGGG! More of my favorite violinists are: Kelly Ryu & OMJamie They are Incredible so please check them out and tell them that Shirog Sent you! 

Thank-You For Reading <3
Shirog xx