Sunday, 11 January 2015

Really Though...Really??!

Hello there people of the internet! We are easily irritated by a lot of dumb things that go around on the internet, here's a few of our biggest pet peeves we thought you may enjoy:

Dark lip liner with light lipstick

When it comes to makeup, one of the biggest things that annoy us is when girls voluntarily choose to use a dark lip liner and then go over it with a very light lipstick making them look quite...peculiar. Like I'm just over here thinking why?! What is the need to do that to yourself? We do not understand this trend whatsoever! If you want to wear lipstick, WEAR IT RIGHT! There is no need to make yourself look odd purposely. If you want to wear a dark lip liner, then keep it all dark but if you're going to wear a light lipstick then keep it all light! There is no in-between!!

Different Patterned Trouser Legs

Next we move on to some really bizarre fashion trends that should cease to exist! I mean when it comes to your legs: why would you want to be wearing different patterned, or coloured for this matter, trouser legs?! There is no need to be so strangely funky; like this isn't some sort of disco people! Your outfit will sooooo not be looking on point if you're wearing some strange, next-level jeans or pants! When I see people wearing these sorts of trousers, I think they look really weird and I even...sometimes...feel pity for them.

Gossip Sites

Let's be real for a second, some or a hell of a lot of gossip sites write about the most ridiculous and I do mean RIDICULOUS things ever! Like hello, the fact that Taylor Swift got a new cat and named it 'Olivia' or Justin Bieber swore at someone isn't real news! They will take the tiniest of things about celebrities and make it out to be as if it's the biggest thing to ever happen to mankind! LIKE CALM YOUR ASS DOWN! For real, they need to chill. If you want to write about news, how about writing about important things that are actually going on or you could even write about a new movie role a celebrity has gotten or the fact that one of them is publishing a book. You could applaud them once in a while instead of always trying to pick out their imperfections and flaws, making it out to be as if they are some kind of monster. They are real people too with actual feelings just like the rest of us!!...Like no wayyyy, What A Shocker!?
Now we're not saying all gossip sites do this but there is a large majority that do and to be honest, it's pretty dumb!

Hating On YouTubers

Since we're on the topic about gossip sites hating on celebrities, I thought it would be a good idea to mention the amount of hate that our beloved YouTubers get. For some reason or another, people think it's fun to go around posting rude and unnecessary comments on famous YouTubers videos the second they try and change something up or try and branch further out, beyond making videos. For example, Ricky Dillon and Troye Sivan had gotten so much hate when they started to make music just because some dumbass people thought that if they became famous for making videos, they should stick to that and not even try and broaden their horizons! LIKE HOW FRIGGIN' DUMB IS THAT! If they have a passion for music, let them make it in peace!! Like who they hell are you to stand in their way of them doing something they love!?! When famous actors try to become singers, they get no hate or when One Direction's Louis Tomilson tried to become a footballer for a while, he received no hate so why is it only YouTubers who aren't aloud to try and explore new things? How does that work exactly? Can someone explain that to me because I for one am confused! Or when Zoella published her first book 'Girl Online' she had gotten a bunch of hate just because she had a little help from a few friends! I bet there are so many authors out there that need an extra hand every once in a while and no-one says anything to them and I really don't think Zoe should get treated any differently! She put a lot of time and effort into that book and we should be supporting her, not knocking her down. YouTubers get so much pointless hate and it's damn right stupid!

Typical Stereotypes Of Asian YouTubers

When people think of Asian YouTubers, they think that they aren't as capable to become as big as some other YouTubers on the internet. And I would have to say that's pretty idiotic thinking! Look at FouseyTube; he has millions of subscribers and he's a Muslim! Or Superwoman a.k.a Lily Singh has loads of subscribers and she's Indian! So I really don't understand the logic behind people thinking Asian YouTubers can't be as big as people who aren't Asian because trusssst me, THEY CAN! People need to stop having that typical mind set of what a certain group of people are able to do because you really don't know how much one person can achieve even if they are's 2015 for goodness sake!

#SELFIE - The Chainsmokers

This music video went viral and I have to say it was pretty...CRAP!! Like are you kidding me?? Is it supposed to be funny or something?! Because I for one do not find it amusing. Why would anyone enjoy that kind of music and if I'm being completely honest right now, it's not even real music! Like come onnnnnn!! There is so much more real talent out there yet views are wasted on really pointless noises with no meaning whatsoever behind them. I'd understand if it had an actual rhythm or beat to it which is why so many people listened to it but it doesn't even have I'm actually at a loss for words as to why people liked it so much and as to how it became so popular.

We hope you enjoyed this post and can I just quickly say that these are our opinions on these topics, if you have a different view on them well that's your choice because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is just ours. 

Thank-You For Reading <3