Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hopefully Helpful Revision Tips!!! :)

Every teen has to have exams and for some people it’s hard to actually revise for them or they don’t know where to start so I thought I’d make a post about a few helpful revision tips to make revision slightly easier. Here are my tips for revision: - (Hope they help!)

1)     Don’t tell yourself that you are going to revise for an hour or two hours because then you will probably end up not doing it and   you will feel really guilty about it so I think that you should start off by revising for about 10-15 minutes and do that for 3 or 4 days and then when you are confident that you can do that much then start gradually adding on more and more time for example 10 minutes first then 20 minutes then 30 minutes and so on and so on...

2)      Make memory cards! Memory cards are revision cards that you can make yourself, whenever you need to remember something in a subject just write it down on to your memory card and keep going over it every night until you can remember it off by heart and you no longer need the memory card. You can get plain memory cards from stores like WHSmith for only £2.89

3)  Another helpful tip is to do some past papers from past years so you get a feel of what the actual test might be like. These can be easily found on the internet if you look on the exam board’s website. But make sure you complete the test and then look at the mark scheme and see how many you got right. NO CHEATING!

4)      Using revision guides to revise from are very useful, these are easily found in a lot of stores but personally I like going to WHSmith to get my revision books. They specialise in school and books and stuff so it would make sense. They have a good range of different revision books to choose from for just one subject.

5)    Creating a revision timetable is good. It helps you to organise what day you are revising for what subject and the amount of time you will be doing the revision for. Remember to give yourself a break in between revision at times and make sure to start revising at least 6 weeks before your exam because it would give all of the information time to sink in. Don’t start revising a night before or don’t try and cram all your revision in 2 days before the exam because you are most likely to forget the information. So when you make your timetable do it 6 weeks before.

6) For some people it’s easier to study with a friend. After you have got a bit of revision done test each other on what you have both learnt.
7) Balance your subjects. Allocate topics to days, and make sure you have enough time for everything you want to revise. Balance the time you have available between your various courses. Do not neglect courses you find particularly easy or difficult.

      8) Whether you have decided to create a revision schedule or not, make sure you make time for yourself.  It might be going out dancing, playing sport or just hanging with your friends but make some time to chill out and relax your brain – you’ve been working very hard after all!

Thanks for reading! Hope these tips were helpful! Keep coming back and checking for new blog posts.