Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Hello dudes and dudettes of the interwebs! On the weekend, I had gone to the park and it was so beautiful and peaceful I wanted to share it with you guys because of how much of a chilled out and relaxed time I had. I hope you enjoy these next pictures:

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Eid-Ul-Adha | 2014

Hello dudes and dudettes all around the world! EID MUBARAK! Can you believe it?! Eid’s here! We’re so happy and excited and filled with joy all at the same time! We have been talking about Eid happening for the past month or so and now that it’s finally happened, WE ARE SO HAPPY! We hope everyone out there had an amazing Eid and got to celebrate it with friends and family just like we did. We hope you all have an awesome time! 

Our Mornings

 The first 2-3 hours of my Eid morning ran smoothly as planned however the rest of the morning just went down hill. I woke up on time, got ready, and headed out the door. As you may or may not know, going to Eid prayers a tradition. Due to my Father being away this Eid and my mother not having a driver's licence, we had to make our own way there this year. We went to a totally different mosque than the one we usually go to and OMG I did not have a pleasant experience there. To some my experience in that mosque I am going to say rude, impatient and pushy people. The rest of my day was awesome.   

I woke up super early just because every Eid, I always end up getting super late so my aim was for this Eid to actually be on time (which I was). I took my time getting ready which was nice for once and I also had a nice breakfast. I got to say 'Eid Mubarak' to my family in the morning and I also received some text messages from my friends which was very nice. My morning was pretty chilled out and enjoyable which was a nice way to start the day. The only bad thing about the morning was the fact that the weather was so miserable, it wouldn't stop raining. It was kind of a downer but besides that everything else was great.


Lately, I have been really inspired by these Abayas. Therefore I decided that I wanted one for Eid this year. Its red which is a daring colour but I think that it all turned out okay. I had trouble matching a headscarf to this outfit so I just paired it with a red headscarf and a white flower crown and I'm still not happy with how my scarf turned out but I guess I'll improve the next time I wear this outfit again. Since this dress was long I decided to wear just plain black heels with it. Lastly. my's really small so struggled to keep everything I needed in there but I managed.

I don't know why but for this Eid, I really wanted to get a maxi dress just because it would be something different instead of always getting the same old thing every year. It took a while but I eventually found the perfect dress, The material is very soft and thin and the colour was a light shade of purple for the main part of the dress and then the border was a darker shade of purple with beautiful a beautiful piece of lace around the border. I then matched it with a black of pair of heel wedges that have flowers on them (and can I just say that this was my first ever time wearing heels and I think I rocked it)! I also had a gorgeous clutch purse that had all sorts of different colours in it but it still went perfectly with the dress. I had the same problem that Shirog had that my bag was too small so all I could really fit in it was my phone and a lipstick but I guess it was worth it because it made my outfit look even better. I was very happy with my look this year, I think this Eid my look was very sophisticated and mature which is what I was going for.


I went with a really nice smoky eye and a wing, settle lips and not a lot of face makeup as I wanted the eyes to be centre of attention, I guess.

 This year for makeup, I decided to go a smoky eye look with a winged eye liner, only a bit of foundation and some nude lipstick. I tried to match up the colours a little with the dress. I didn't wear any blusher or bronzer because I thought it made the look more elegant.


I for one had an AMAZING day. I spent it with the people I love. So many things happened during the day. And I guess here are some random pictures that we took during the day.

I spent the day with my family; I went to different family's houses during the day and basically just chilled and had a brilliant time with them. We took lot's of family photos and some really weird selfies at times. We stuffed our faces with food and cracked a lot of jokes during the day which made it even better. The day was filled with fun and laughter and if I could, I would re-do the entire day just to experience it all again! It was definitely an Eid I will never forget! :)


Since getting ready was a task I didn't have time for breakfast. I would say that my favourite and only meal of that day was lunch. We went to Big John's in city centre and had an amazing meal. This eat is of course all about BBQ's but because I was so full for some reason I didn't have any.

 In the morning, I had the traditional breakfast that is made every Eid. I'm not sure what it's called in English so I'm just going to write it in my language 'Sah-mee-yah'. It tasted very yummy so yeah. For lunch and dinner, I had brown rice which is also a tradition every Eid, as well as samosas and sheikh kebabs which was all very scrumptious and to top it all of, I had a piece of chocolate muffin which was very nice. I ate so much food that day that I literally thought I would never eat again! XD

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