Sunday, 3 May 2015


Hello! I am typing this only moments after one of my exams and I think it's a good idea to discuss the topic of exam stress. 

I don't really worry about exams to a point of anxiety but I do worry. The most stressed I get is hours before the exam,during the exam and for days after its all done with and just go over the answers which I don't think is a very smart thing to do. BUT I STILL DO IT!! 

I think most people get stressed during the moments leading to the test and for that I recommend the following: 
  1.  I know it's unhealthy and such but eat all the junk food you can. Forget about being healthy for a few hours and just eat! 
  2.  Some say that last minute revision is pointless but if you have been revising for the past 4 month for the test, going over some key points before the test is not going to hurt. Go for it if it makes you feel better. 
  3.  It's best to spend these moments with people who are taking the same test and just chat. I know I'm making it sound like you're dying but no. I think it's very therapeutic to chat about random things and just get your mind off of the test for a few minutes. 

I know that tests are not fun but it's worth it for the long run. Right? Or at least that's what teachers tell you.
Good luck to you all with your exam.