Monday, 10 November 2014



I would like to start off by saying a very big hello to everyone in the world first of all and also congratulating everybody because the 27th of October 2014 marked a very special occasion for us! It has officially been a year ever since we started S.H.A.Random and so we thought we would celebrate by making a day of it along with one of our amazaaang friends asia!It feels like just yesterday we were thinking about starting a blog together and now it's been an entire year! We have achieved so much within the past year and we are so happy that we got to experience it with all you lovely people out there! So to see what we got up to on our anniversary and more, keep reading!


For my outfit, I wanted to wear something pretty casual but also slightly dressed up so I decided to wear a plain grey jumper/dress along with some blue skinny jeans and also some blue slightly jazzed-up shoes. I also wore quite a lot of jewellery which was the dress up part of the outfit. I wore a cute love-heart necklace along with a pink bracelet and I think about five or six really pretty rings (and if any of you guys know me by now, you'll know I'm completely and utterly obsessed with rings). Plus since it was pink day in school, I decided to wear a floral-printed pink scarf just to add a tad bit more colour to the outfit and to liven it up a bit more.

As for mine, I went for a casual dress with a cardigan and converses. My theme for this outfit was simply "white". I love the detailing on this dress, its made out of a material that I cannot recognise but I can tell you that it's amazing. It has pockets which I normally find strange to wear but I don't mind it on this dress plus it meant that there is a place for my gigantic phone to sit. I used a belt around my waist over the cardigan which I thought gave the outfit its shape after putting on so many layers. Lastly my head scarf, it's plain white with sparkling patterns. I thought that it was too plain so I added a ribbon to add a pop of colour to my outfit.


I thought we could take a little trip down memory lane remembering some of the highlights I guess of the blog. One of the memories, I remember was created before the blog had even started. We were deciding what to write for our first ever blog post and we had the longest argument about whether to start it off as 'hi' or 'hello' ending in eventually having to get a teacher to decide for us! It was probably the most pointless argument we ever had but yeahhh, it happened. 

I also remember the time when it was the beginning of summer and we had a S.H.A.Random photo shoot which was so much fun to do. The day was just full of laughs.

There was a time when we were running late with one of the post's but we were determined to post it on that exact day and I would say we made it just in time. We posted it at exactly 11:59pm!When we began blogging, whenever we would write a blog post together we always and I mean always had to have a fizzy drink along with a bunch of chocolates and sweets. It was a kind of a tradition. A very unhealthy one.


We thought we would write a little thank you section just because this blog would not be happening without all of the support both  our friends and family give us. We have done some pretty weird things just for the blog post's and they've put up with all of it. From forcing my sister to take pictures of us for our photo shoot to making our friends and family wait for us while we try to take some nice pictures for the blog. We also want to say a big thank you to all of our viewers for actually reading our post's because if you didn't read them, then there would be no point of writing them. We absolutely love writing on a blog and we hope that with the help of all of you amazing people out there, we will be able to expand our audience and create a massive following this time next year!


We originally went to the movie theatre to watch Annabelle but we ended up watching The Maze Runner. When I watched the trailer for this movie, it reminded me of the hunger games. I know that they are totally different movies but if you think about both have the concept of being trapped and controlled. After watching the movie my opinion was slightly changed from " I don't like this movie" to " Not bad". The actors were amazing and so was the story line. I honestly did not read the books so I cannot give this comparison. In my opinion I think that I would of appreciated the movie more if I read the books. However, I know that Hanna and Asia  LOVED the movie and I've seen Hanna recommend it to a few people so I guess the movie was pretty good. I would give this film 3 stars out of 5.
To wrap this post up, I just want to say that I had an AMAZING time with two of my best friends. I guess the highlight of my day was catching up with Asia and watching Hanna pay for the bus.

 Thank-You For Reading <3

Shirog xx & Hanna XD