Sunday, 27 December 2015

Enjoying The Beauty Of Pakistan | Hanna XD

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share something that I really enjoyed with you...sightseeing in Pakistan. I know that may sound weird to some because when people think of Pakistan, they don't believe that it can actually have nice places to go, they think of it as a dump and fair enough. Some places within the country are but some places also aren't. So here's a few pictures from my sightseeing experience. Enjoy!

I honestly wish I could've gotten more pictures to share with you of the entire day but I was just taken aback by the beauty of some of these places that I didn't think to be in blogger mode at the time.

Here are a few pictures from near the village where I live that I thought would be nice for you guys to see:

Thank you for reading!
Hanna XD