Sunday, 19 July 2015

EID-UL-FITR 2015 | #SummerWithSHARandom


EID IS HERE! We both celebrated on Friday 17th July and it was so much fun as always! We would like to say EID MUBARAK to anyone and everyone celebrating, we hope your Eid has been as fun as ours was. We are so sad to see Ramadan come to an end this year but it's been good alhamdulilah and we are so happy to finally get the chance to celebrate! Enjoy...

Eid this year for me was pretty chilled out and relaxed. Eid mornings are always something I look forward to because I can finally have breakfast. One of our family traditions is going Eid prayers and I love it, there are people that I don't see except in the mosque and it's always like a reunion. My family and I spent the day with good family friend and I truly enjoyed myself.

As for my morning, it mainly consisted of waking up, helping mom to clean most of the house (because she wanted it too look nice for Eid) and getting ready for the day! The men of the house went to Eid prayers in the morning which gave the ladies a chance to clean up before they got back. We left the house at midday and went over to my aunt's for lunch and then we all went to different families houses throughout the day. It was so nice just to get to see everyone after months and all have a laugh. Eid is one of those days where people aren't worried about other things and are just focused on having a good time which was what I absolutely love about it! 

Your Eid outfit is what Eid is really about! Right? This year my sister and I decided to be all cute and  matching. We based the whole outfit around these colourful skirts, I love them because the patterns of the skirts are symmetrical. There isn't much to say about the outfit except for I think that its one of the most girliest outfits I own.

For my outfit this Eid, I opted to go for Asian attire (as they say) wearing a dark pink frock with bronze/gold lining and embroidery done on the front. I always love to wear Asian clothes on Eid because if I'm being completely honest, I don't normally wear Asian clothes very often. I always feel like Eid is an excuse to dress up in really done up Asian clothes and get away with it. So the change for once...was very nice!

As for makeup, I winged it, I really didn't have enough time to get ready, I woke up 20 minutes before we had to go Eid prayers because I over slept. I wanted something fast but looks good at the same time. I started with a shimmery gold-ish colour and because the consistency was creamy I patted it all over my eye lid. Next I used a matt black and blended it with the gold on the outer corners to create that smokey eye effect. Finally, I put black eye liner on my water line and a couple of coats of mascara, leaving out liquid eye liner because again I didn't really have time.

When it came to makeup, I really wanted to go for something bold and outgoing. I chose to start off with first going in with some soft browns in my crease and then I went in with black to make it very intense, smokey and bold. And lastly for eye shadow, I brought a gold shimmery shade halfway on to my eyelid and then just added a winged eyeliner to complete the eyes. I used the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation and concealer, a Revlon blush, a Maybelline mascara and some pink lipstick from Collection and that was my makeup done!

Hope you guys enjoyed taking a look into our Eid and whether you celebrate Eid or not, we hope you enjoyed your day regardless. If you did celebrate Eid, tell us all about it in the comment section below. 

Hanna XD & Shirog <3