Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cultural Influences | S.A

This post lets you peek into my home culture, this doesn't necessarily mean that us as a family follow this tradition. According to tradition, beds are the most important piece of furniture in the guest reception as it is believed to be more comfortable than sofas. In the Arab traditions, you are obligated to treat your guest as if they were part of the family. I know, that everyone treats their guests well but Arabs really go over the top. ~so back to the point~ so, they keep fancy looking beds in their living rooms and of course, this means that expensive sheets are going to be bought. The sheets are expensive as they are bought abroad and they are mostly hand made.

so, I was talking to my aunt the other day and as we talked, this topic was mentioned. turns out, she makes the sheets at home. I was really curious to see what she made. To my surprise, she got out these amazingly done floral patterns and i just had to share them with you today. 

when i was taking these photos, she said that i was looking at them inside out and i replied with a "ohhh they look good both ways" :p

She only uses thread and a needle to make these patterns.

I know that this is a very stereotypical thing. As it is expected that all girls must know how to sew and I am against stereotypes but this is an exception as she chose to do this a hobby in her free time.  

So, this post comes to an end. Thank-You for reading! :)